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If you are looking for a job, then you want a good salary for your working time and commitment. Then you want to have your wages paid reliably and regularly to your account for your work. Then you want to be able to work for an employer with good benefits. If you work as an employee in a call center, you want to be appreciated with value and also be offered development potential.

Attractive work from home with Happy Call

Working from home, in own home office offers you new opportunities and even if own home is not located at a city that has interesting jobs. You can earn a good salary at Happy Call as an employee with a secure job. Even if you have children, you can build a secure and attractive job from home. All you need for a job at Happy Call is a very good spoken German, a quiet corner where you can work undisturbed and a PC with internet connection. At Happy Call you will be supported in your further development as an employee. You will be challenged and will be constantly trained and coached. At Happy Call you will only be assigned to projects where you will meet callers in companies who are happy to receive your call. As an employee of Happy Call, you very often receive positive reactions and motivating feedback from the people you call. As an employee of Happy Call you have varied projects. Increasing demands create joy when there are new successes to celebrate. As an employee at Happy Call you are motivated because there is always something new coming up and because you always get excellent training.

Grow as an employee at HappyCall - Personal development, secure jobs and respect included.

We, at Happy Call, want our employees to grow with us. For you, this means that we encourage you as our employee so that your competencies continue to develop. To do this, we offer you as an employee at Happy Call, in addition to valuable work and secure jobs, personal support through coaching and counseling and feedback on existing strengths and weaknesses. We, at Happy Call, treat you as our employee with respect and appreciation.

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